Noise toys – batteries not included

The creaux

Today we were to build, for lack of better words, a noise machine i.e a lil electronic device built to make a sound. This circuit (of Joao Orecchia design) consisted (at least the noise making section) of two motors, four potentiometers (pots or variable resistors ), a 9v cell and a 6.3mm jack output. Two pots were used in conjunction with the each motor; one for the speed (pitch) and one for volume. By controlling the speed of the motors, one can change the sound, one can also blend the sound of the motors for interesting, almost “droney” sounds.

The "lecture"

There were 10 of us building these circuits at Jacob Israel’s house (thanks for the hospitality mate). We all were relative strangers, apart from the odd sighting live shows, but there were good friendly vibes all around nonetheless. We started at about midday with a “lecture” on circuit bending by Jacob; he took us through the basics of circuit bends and his experiences with them. After this, Joao took us through the first phase of the circuit detailing the components and their use.

diagram, as per Joao's design

We (well, most of us) eased into building; I knew it was gonna be a good day when the words “wire stripper”, spoke by the only female, was met by a smirk.

phase 1

The build took all of 3hrs, with minimal failures and injuries. We ended off the day with some well-earned pizza.

Completed circuit, bent Casio keyboard in the back

Overall it was a successful day, met some new people (big ups to you all), made some new links, was inspired to make some new music and a had a bit of fun.

Peace to all (and thanks for reading through my first post)



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